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Module 2

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SBA Size Standards Tool

An easy-to-use online tool to calculate whether your business qualifies as “small” according to federal standards, provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Look up results based on your NAICS codes and yearly receipts.

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NAICS Codes and Manual

NAICS codes are the federal standard for classifying businesses by industry. Learn more at this link and download the most recent NAICS manual.

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Industry Analysis: The Five Forces

The pamphlet helps a prospective business owner evaluate the profitability of the market they plan to enter and discusses the forces that influence that market. A resource from Purdue University.

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Module 2: SWOT Analysis

Use the SWOT analysis to explore strengths and weaknesses (factors inside your business) and opportunities and threats (factors outside your business, that come from the industry you are part of) in your new business.

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Module 2: My Marketing Plan

Refine your marketing story based on the research and information you have gathered about your new business so far. Also in the Pre-Training Materials packet.

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