The #nativeSBA team are the experienced business leaders and teachers who travel out to meet and teach Native entrepreneurs across Indian Country. They are also creating a directory of local and regional business resources for entrepreneurs and business owners in communities across Indian Country.

Tina Begay

Tina Begay, Lead Trainer and Curriculum Developer

Tina Begay is the lead in developing the new Empowerment Workshop curriculum, a curriculum that has been designed for cultural appropriateness for Native contexts. The #nativeSBA curriculum incorporates the realities and special considerations of business development in Indian Country and is crafted thoughtfully for the learning styles of American Indian classrooms and students. Tina has…

Tracy Kieffer

Tracy Kieffer, Tribal Lead

Tracy Kieffer is the Tribal Lead on the #nativeSBA team. She reaches out to build and grow relationships with tribal governments, organizations, and communities in the regions where we present our Empowerment Workshops, helping us recruit attendees and find partners. Tracy understands the potential of Native small businesses to help Indian Country grow and has…

Tayla Desjarlais

Tayla Desjarlais, Assistant Trainer and Project Specialist

On the #nativeSBA team, Tayla Desjarlais helps plan and market the Empowerment Workshops. As a member of the training team, she is often on the road assisting with the workshops. Tayla has been charged with developing the regional resource network for the benefit of entrepreneurs who attend the trainings, so that when they return home,…