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In our resource library, you can find the tools and resources we used during the Empowerment Workshops, general resources from SBA and ONAA, local and regional resources for your area of the country, and downloadable outreach resources to publicize upcoming workshops.

Tools & Resources from Modules 1–8

Explore the tools and resources taught in Modules 1 through 8 of the Empowerment Workshop. Get a head start before your workshop, or revisit important ideas afterward. 

Tools & Resources

SBA and ONAA Resources

The Small Business Administration and SBA’s Office of Native American Affairs have many resources available online. Our list of SBA/ONAA resources is handpicked for Native businesspeople.

SBA and ONAA Resources

Resources For Your Region

Find organizations, business centers, mentors, and other programs located in your area.

We are always adding resources to this list, so check back for new information.

Regional Resources

Outreach Resources

Spread the word about the Empowerment Workshops coming to your area with our ready-made outreach resources—flyers, ads, and social media. Easy to download and share!

Outreach Resources

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