Tribal Lead

Tracy Kieffer is the Tribal Lead on the #nativeSBA team. She reaches out to build and grow relationships with tribal governments, organizations, and communities in the regions where we present our Empowerment Workshops, helping us recruit attendees and find partners. Tracy understands the potential of Native small businesses to help Indian Country grow and has helped educate tribal government partners on the benefits of Native entrepreneurship for reservations and regional economies throughout her career. Because of her extensive work history in tribal government and tribal business, Tracy knows just who to talk to in the complex world of tribal organizations to get the job done.

Tracy has 27 years of experience working with tribes in various capacities, ranging from accounting, enterprise management, gaming internal controls, healthcare research, and management. She received her MBA in healthcare management from Western Governors University and her undergraduate degree in healthcare administration, with a minor in economics, at Eastern Washington University. She also has a certificate in accounting from Trend College.

Tracy is a Spokane tribal citizen who resides on the Spokane Reservation with her husband. Tracy has three children and six grandchildren.