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Our Train the Trainer virtual events provide training and education for organizations, educators, and mentors who serve the Native business community, including Native entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our goal with our Train the Trainer events is to be a resource partner to any organization or individual who works with tribal communities on small business development. We can help you become a more effective resource to the tribal communities you serve.

Webinar Instructions

You can access the pre-meeting test at the following URL pattern. See below for a list of all the links for the hosted clusters.

  • Hosted:
  • On-premise:

To use the pre-meeting test, you must have Adobe Connect application for desktop or Flash Player for your browser installed. If neither is installed, the pre-meeting test page displays the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test dialog box, which prompts you to install Adobe Connect or Flash Player.


Photo of Tina Begay

Tina Begay

Tina Begay is the lead in developing the new Empowerment Workshop curriculum, a curriculum that has been designed for cultural appropriateness for Native contexts. The #nativeSBA curriculum incorporates the realities and special considerations of business development in Indian Country and is crafted thoughtfully for the learning styles of American Indian classrooms and students.

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